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U.S. Marine Corps Pvt. Nisa Jovel leads squad push-ups during pool physical fitness indoors during inclement weather in Frederick, Md., Jan. 30, 2014. Jovel is on 10-day boot leave and is getting her first taste of leading Marines by volunteering her time with Recruiting Sub-station Frederick. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Amber Williams/Released)

Photo by Sgt. Amber Williams

RS Frederick raises the bar for PT

4 Feb 2014 | Sgt. Amber Williams 4th Marine Corps District

Physical fitness is paramount in maintaining a healthy Delayed Entry Program that will ultimately ship applicants to Marine Corps Recruit Training.

Recruiting Station Frederick places much value in how the pool program is maintained during a 10 to 12 month period between a Poolee’s enlistment and ship dates. The Pool program is designed to ensure the success of each individual who arrives at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island.

“We want to make sure we are sending quality kids down to the island that can meet the demanding physical aspects of recruit training,” said Staff Sgt. Cory Trott, pool program specialist. “We want to ensure the success of the recruit by running multiple Initial Strength Tests, or ISTs during a poolee’s time in the DEP.”

To ensure the success of the program, RS Frederick pushes its Poolees to a standard slightly above what is expected during recruit training.
“We require them to do two more pull-ups than the island, a minute faster on their run, plus 10 more crunches than the standard,” said Trott. “For the (flexed-arm hang) it is five more seconds.”

The attention given by the recruiters helps ensure each applicant is in the best condition possible and mentally ready before stepping on the yellow footprints..

“Not only does it prepare them a little more physically for the rigors of recruit training, but it also helps mentally,” said Staff Sgt. Ryan Olson, the staff noncommissioned officer of Recruiting Sub-Station Frederick. “It starts building camaraderie among the Poolees and it enforces what we preach about the brotherhood of the Marine Corps. We have mandatory physical training once per week for the Poolees. Tuesday mornings and evenings are the mandatory sessions, but Poolees show up Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings as well.”

The workouts consist of classic Marine style PT with push-ups, Pull-ups and running.

“If you are going through something, you know the guy behind you is going through something too, pain wise.” said Tommy Wegman, who is scheduled to ship to recruit training in July. “We make memories. We make friends and build our sisterhoods and brotherhoods.”

Even with the frigid cold sweeping across the East Coast, Recruiting Sub-station Frederick still holds physical training sessions.

“It sucks, the initial getting out there,” said Felix Jovel, who is scheduled to ship to recruit training March 10. “Your body freezes up but once you get going, it’s better.”

RS Frederick will continue to maintain the highest standards to ensure the success of a Poolee at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island. This is one more way recruiters strengthen the Marine Corps as they add new brothers and sisters to the fold.
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