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Cpl. Alyssa VonDras, pictured here, was named as USO of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey 2018 Service Member of the year. She currently serves as the command photographer with 4th Marine Corps District Headquarters, Marine Corps Recruiting Command located in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, October 4, 2018.

Photo by Cpl. Nelson Deunas

4MCD Marine named USO of Pennsylvania 2018 Service Member of the Year

19 Nov 2018 | Cpl. Nelson Duenas 4th Marine Corps District

VonDras not only excels in her role as a command photographer but also as volunteer. She gave hundreds of hours to help numerous community organizations including habitat for humanity, toys for tots, the New Cumberland Fire Department, American Cancer Society and Miffy's Animal Rescue. These hours of service resulted in her being recognized as the USO of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey 2018 Service Member of the year. Additionally, her hard work and dedication to the Marines of the 4th Marine Corps District earned the recognition as Support Marine of the Year for Fiscal Year 2017.

“Corporal VonDras, is an outstanding Marine whose willingness and reliability to support the Marines throughout the district often make her the go-to person to make things happen,” said Gunnery Sgt. Steve Cushman, an Olympia, Washington native, and the district communication strategy chief. “Because of her willingness to donate her time to the community, she was the first choice at the district for nomination as the USO service member of the year.”

A descendent of a long line of service members  since World War II VonDras strives to live up to the example of her parents, both of whom served in the Marine Corps, and sets the bar high in her excellence as a Marine.

“When it comes to being a Marine I strive to be as great as my dad; when it comes to things out side of the Marine Corps like volunteering I definitely get that from my mom. She always taught me to be all about what you can do for other people; doing what you can for those less fortunate then you. I’ve always wanted to help people,” said VonDras.

"The thing that sticks out to me is that she is a good person and she has all that qualities of someone you want leading you, someone you want to follow and someone you would want to stand by your side and fight with," said 1st Lt.  William H. Tunney, a White Plane, New York native and the district assistant marketing and communication officer.

"Her leadership as a corporal of Marines in the office is exemplary she is always working out, always volunteering; an overall great Marine and a great person," said Tunney.

 “I am really proud of VonDras, as she prepares to move on to bigger and better things I know that she will continue to be successful and she will be the example of the of what a Marine should be both in and out of uniform,” said Cushman.

Vondras will soon report to Marine Security Guard School, where upon completion she will shine as an example at U.S. embassies around the world.
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